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What is the Career Track Program?

The Career Track Program at Summit Flight Academy (also known as a Zero to Hero program at other flight schools) offers a tailored, efficient path for dedicated individuals aiming to rise from a novice with a Private Pilot Certificate (PPL) to the expert level of a Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI). It’s an all-encompassing package that fast-tracks your aviation education, concentrating on the full spectrum of skills and knowledge you'll need to not just fly but to teach.

Accompanying the program details, you'll find a customized cost estimator. It adjusts based on your current certifications, desired level of achievement, and your preferred training schedule, ensuring you have a relative financial roadmap for your journey from PPL to certified flight instructor. This program is for the ambitious, the committed, the future leaders of the cockpit.

Read below on how to reach the summit of your flight training with our Career Track Program.

Expectations for Career Track Students

Our Training Program Breakdown

Our Career Track Program at Lee’s Summit Airport is structured to ensure progressive learning and skill acquisition through hands-on training, expert instruction, and access to modern aircraft. This program covers all necessary ground and flight training courses*, culminating in a Multi-Engine Rating and flight instructor certifications.

*Pricing varies depending on your training preferences. Use the cost estimator below to calculate your relative cost of training and then contact us to get started!

  • Your private training is your first step as a professional pilot. This certificate allow you to fly single-engine piston aircraft for non-commercial purposes.

    Your training includes flight instruction and aircraft time along with the associated ground school and instructor time to prepare your for your first FAA pilot certificate.

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  • An instrument rating gives you the skills and confidence to safely fly through clouds and in weather conditions that would keep you grounded with only a private pilot certificate. We strive to provide every student as much "actual" instrument conditions to train in as is safely possible.

    You'll learn procedures in a RedBird simulator and fly in our Garmin-equipped aircraft to earn your instrument rating and build cross-country and additional night flight experience.

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  • A commercial pilot certificate refines your flying skills and teaches you the regulations related to commercial aviation. You'll spend about 50 flight hours prepping for your commercial certificate, along with associated ground instruction.

    To obtain the remaining hours needed to sit for the commercial checkride, students have a variety of options.

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  • A Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) is often the most challenging, yet rewarding, certificate many pilots earn. It entrusts you with training the next generation of pilots. The CFI certificate typically enables you to build time efficiently towards the 1500 hours you need to qualify for an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate.

    Your training will include approximately 15 hours of right seat flight time plus extensive ground school refining your lesson plans and developing effective teaching techniques on the ground and in the air.

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  • Many flight schools strongly prefer instructors who can teach private/commercial and instrument students to help maintain a student-instructor relationship throughout training. For those pilots without significant instrument time, this add-on certificate will hone your instrument stills and provide a more diverse set of students to teach.

    Your CFI-I training will include additional simulator time to learn how to effectively teach in a simulator environment. Your right-seat flying skills on instruments will be honed and you'll learn additional skills in teaching instrument pilots.​

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  • Adding on a multi-engine rating and building 25-50 multi-engine hours is often a pre-requisite of most professional pilot jobs.

    Your training starts with time in a RedBird simulator to learn multi-engine procedures. Then, we offer the option of earning your multi-engine certificate and 25 hours in a Piper Twin Commanche multi-engine aircraft or earning your multi-engine certificate plus multi-engine instructor rating to build further multi-engine hours.

  • With this certification, you'll gain expertise in instructing in multi-engine aircraft, imparting knowledge and skills essential for operating these high-performance machines.

    This is also where you can reach your required 25 hours of time building for your Multi-Engine Rating.

Cost Estimator

How much does pilot training cost?

Certificates and Ratings Currently Held:
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Summit Flight Training Calculator

Fly for a career, within a year!

This pricing is based on 250 hours and flying full-time. While pricing can vary within our other programs, it does less so for our Zero to Hero Program. However, the speed at which you can achieve the level you wish will be based upon your availability and time commitment. There is no way to go Zero to Hero in a year doing anything less than full-time. Flying 3-4 days a week makes Zero to Hero achievable in 12-15 months and flying 2-3 days a week is achievable in 15-18 months.
  • Choose your training goal
Add Ons:
Includes a passive headset, pilot bag, pilot training books, a logbook, foggles, a ForeFlight subscription while enrolled, and a kneeboard.
Depending on your DPE, you can plan to budget around $900 for most checkrides with the exceptions being the CFI initial (~$1,500) and CFI add-ons (~$1,200 each).
Written tests are ~$175 per certification (not required for the Multi-Engine Rating or MEI add-on).
Receive $299.00 off of your Zulu 3 Headset if you choose to upgrade your Starter Package at Summit Flight Academy.
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Certificates and Ratings You Want to Obtain:
Shared time building will make this certification achievable in a shorter time.
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Summit Flight was founded in 2022 with the goal of providing a full service, professional flight school at the Lee's Summit Airport.​ At Summit Flight Academy we love to help aspiring pilots learn to fly and earn their pilot's certificate. With your initial private pilot certificate you can fly most single engine piston US registered aircraft in good weather just about any anywhere in the world.​ We offer you the flexibility to complete your private pilot certificate on terms that work for you. Come visit us today!


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