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Commercial Pilot Training

A Commercial Pilot certificate is the start of doors opening in your aviation career.   Many students move on from their commercial rating to earn Flight Instructor certification or build hours towards their flying goals.    

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Requirements and learning plan:

The FAA has the following requirements to become a private pilot:


  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Be able to read, speak, write, and understand English

  • Hold a U.S. private pilot certificate

  • Hold at least a third-class medical certificate (all career-bound students need to secure a first-class medical)

  • Meet the aeronautical experience requirements

  • Pass a knowledge test

  • Pass the practical test (aka checkride)

Is a commercial pilot certificate right for you?


A commercial pilot certificate is best for pilots that:


  • Want to fly for compensation in any form.

  • Want to challenge themselves to fly with more precision.

  • Aspire to teach future pilots.

  • Can meet second and/or first class medical certification requirements

Some of what you'll learn and do:

Complete ground school (online + instructor): Upon completion you will take a FAA knowledge exam on advanced levels of aviation topics covered on your private pilot knowledge exam such as aircraft systems, weather, and flight planning. New for commercial students is learning the applicable commercial aviation regulations, commercial pilot privileges and limitations.

Advanced Cross Country Flying:  Commercial pilots often spend a lot more of their flight time in cross country flying. You'll complete additional dual cross country flights to refine your ability to fly further, encountering more complex weather, airspace and flight planning.

Advanced Maneuvers A commercial pilot refines their flying skills with advanced maneuvers that demonstrate even greater command of an aircraft. 

Checkride preparation:  Once all the FAA requirements are competed, you'll begin to focus on bringing it all together. You'll work with your instructor to prep for the oral portion of your checkride and fly together to ensure all your flight tasks meet the FAA airmen certification standards for private pilots.

Single Engine Turboprop

Commercial Pilot Training Package

Our four month* private pilot training package is available in two plans with two aircraft choices in our Piper.

Installment plan:  

$3500 enrollment fee (month one)

$3350/month (Piper) (months 2-4)

Pre-paid plan: (paid at enrollment, $500 savings)

$13,000 (Piper)


What's included:

40 hours of aircraft flight time (10 TAA)* 

Simulator Time

Instructor Services 

Checkride prep

Online ground school course

Electronic chart subscription


What's not included?  Two categories of items:

 Third party fees: Your'll pay directly for your medical exam (~$150 if needed), knowledge test ($175), and checkride fee ($850).

Gap Hours:  If you will not complete your commercial pilot program with 250 hours of total time and overall requirements of CFR  61.129, you will need additional time to meet those requirements.  We can assist you with those hours in a variety of ways with simulator time, time-building with another pilot or getting an early start on right-seat flying if earning your CFI certificate is in your plans.   Please inquire for a plan and quote.

*Flight training hours are planned over four months--12-15 flight hours each month. Students may exceed a four month timeframe depending on frequency of flights, however no additional payment will be due unless hours are exhausted (usually due to infrequent flying).

*We provide the national average flight time in our package to minimize last minute surprise costs and to ensure any financing accounts better accounts for expected costs up front.  Some flight schools may offer less hours, leaving you to potentially pay more later when you are close to being finished.  You'll find us competitive in pricing even though we offer more hours. 

 If you do beat the average and earn your certificate in less than 55 flight hours, you have 60 days to fly any remaining hours or we'll roll them into your instrument course.

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