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What is a Multi-Engine Rating?

A Multi-Engine Rating is a significant achievement that opens up new opportunities for pilots, granting them the privilege of acting as pilot in command (PIC) of multi-engine aircraft. At Summit Flight Academy, we understand the importance of this rating and are dedicated to providing top-notch training to help aspiring pilots excel in the realm of multi-engine aviation. We ensure that you gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to navigate the complexities of these high-performance aircraft with confidence and proficiency.

Obtaining a Multi-Engine Rating

How to start training with Summit Flight Academy


Verify Eligibility and Prerequisites

Before beginning your multi-engine training at Summit Flight Academy, ensure you meet all eligibility requirements. These include having a valid pilot certificate, an up-to-date medical certification, and basic proficiency in single-engine flight maneuvers. You will also need to provide necessary documentation such as a logbook, and a valid ID, and complete pre-training preparations like familiarization with the Piper Twin Comanche (PA-30) and its systems.



Engage in Ground and Simulator Training

Your journey starts with ground lessons covering multi-engine aerodynamics, systems, and emergency procedures, along with simulator sessions to practice these concepts in a controlled environment. This phase is crucial for building a solid theoretical and practical foundation before actual flight training.



Complete Flight Training

Flight training consists of several sessions where you will operate a multi-engine aircraft under the supervision of experienced instructors. You will practice maneuvers, emergency procedures, and engine management across approximately 8.5 hours of flight time. This hands-on experience is designed to refine your skills and prepare you for the checkride.



Pass Evaluations and Obtain Certification

The final step involves passing a series of evaluations, including an oral exam and a practical flight test. These assessments are aimed at confirming your knowledge and ability to safely operate multi-engine aircraft. Upon successful completion, you will receive your Multi-Engine Rating, allowing you to pilot multi-engine aircraft confidently.



Multi-Engine Training Package

A Multi-Engine Rating demonstrates your commitment to advancing in your flight training by learning complex maneuvers and how to fly more unique aircraft. Many students combine their required flight hours for a Multi-Engine Rating with the process of becoming a Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI)!

Multi-Engine Rating Training Package

Starting at $4,750

Our Multi-Engine Rating program includes:

  • 8.5 hours of flight time in our new Piper Twin Comanche.
  • Additional hours of simulator time.
  • Instructor services, including checkride prep.
  • Non owned insurance.
  • Optional continuation to MEI training.

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