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Ready to get started?

Below is all the information you need to enroll and get started here at Summit Flight Academy. Information on paperwork, insurance, equipment, ground school, etc are all found here. If you have any questions, give us a call or email the office and we'll be glad to help!

Welcome to Summit Flight Academy

We are excited to help you on your journey to become a pilot.


Below are some of the first tasks you can complete to get started.




  • Summit Flight Academy Enrollment Application: Here is a link to our online onboarding packet that will get us all the info we need to get you started with us. SFA New Student Enrollment Application.

  • Gather documents: You will need your state or federal ID and a certified copy of your birth certificate OR a non-expired US passport to clear TSA requirements for us to teach most flight students. If you are not a US national, please contact us immediately as specific special requirements apply for us to admit you as a student to our school.  If you having existing FAA documents (Medical, pilot certificate), please have those available as well. 


  • ​​Financial planning: Please review our FAQs on this topic and start thinking about how you plan to manage the financial aspects of flight  training. You can pay after each lesson, purchase block time discounts or explore financing.


  • Insurance: You will need a non-owned aviation insurance policy. Please review our insurance page and the information on this topic.

  • Medical certification: You will need a medical certification prior to beginning your training.  This policy is to ensure you are not going to be delayed in the middle of your training if your medical application is deferred. Please review our Medical Certification FAQ.

  • Student Pilot Certificate: Another item you will need prior to solo is a student pilot certificate. Your instructor will help you complete this process. In order to do so, you need an account in IACRA, the FAA tool for applying for airmen certifications. You can complete your registration for an IACRA account and be ready for that as soon as you get started training. There is no charge from the FAA for a Student Pilot Certificate. IACRA - Federal Aviation Administration (


  • Ground School/Knowledge Exam: One pre-req to taking your practical exam (checkride) to obtain your pilot certificate is to complete a FAA knowledge exam. Sporty's Learn to Fly Private Pilot ground school is our choice for ground school. We supplement this with 1:1 or small group ground school for specific topics that need extra time and focus (such as flight planning as an example).  This is a much more economical option that paying for 1:1 ground training. When you are ready to purchase this, let us know. We have access codes in our office and after purchase with one of those codes your instructor will be able to follow along on your training and assist you. This course is $279. We are able to bill you for this, and all other pilot supplies available at our school, through Flight Circle.

  • Pilot supplies: Please review our FAQ on pilot supplies. Come by the office once you and your instructor are aligned on what to purchase and we will help you get what you need. Many items are in stock, others we can order for you.

  • Consider your instructor: We work carefully to pair you up with a great instructor. However, if you would like to meet any of our other instructors before committing to the one you first met or did a discovery flight with, just ask. We want to ensure a great fit. We are all human and have different needs and experiences. There is no one perfect instructor, just one that is right for you.

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