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Its not fun to think about, but insurance is an important consideration when flying an aircraft.  When renting an aircraft, think about it like renting a car.  Without insurance, the renter is liable for anything and everything. Like car rental agencies, we maintain commercial insurance on our aircraft so they can be used for flight training and rental purposes.  However, our policies are intended to protect our aircraft and business.  In the event of a pilot caused incident, insurance companies will often subrogate (initiate a reimbursement demand) to the responsible party.

Our flight school requires are renters to have a non-owned aviation policy with the following coverage levels:

Single Engine Land Aircraft Hull Value:  $10,000

Liability Coverage: $100,00 per person/$500,00 per claim

Medical Coverage: $1000/person

The above policy is available for less than the cost of a couple of flight lessons, typically $350 or less depending on the carrier.


Students enrolled in one of our flight training packaged programs have the above level of insurance included at no additional charge.


The policy provided to students on our package plans is a one year policy paid directly by Summit Flight Academy.   Additional coverage limits available for a modest additional cost.  Please inquire. 

After year one, the policy can be terminated or renewed independently by the pilot.. We send you a questionnaire to provide the information necessary to bind your policy.


We have partnered with Marsh McLennon Agency and their insurance provider, Global Aerospace Insurance, to easily provide non-owned aviation insurance to our students and renters.  To apply, get a quote, and bind a policy within one business day, please click below:

(Summit Flight Academy receives no renumeration for our referral. We recommend them based on our satisfaction doing business with them ourselves. Other options are available and you are free to choose what works best for you!)

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