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Taking Flight: Summit Flight Academy's Collaborative Partnership with Summit Technology Academy

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

We're excited to announce a new partnership with Summit Technology Academy (STA) at the Lee's Summit School District! Check out what it means for Summit Flight Academy Students and students at the Summit Technology Academy.

Summit Technology Academy, Lee's Summit, MO
Summit Technology Academy in Lee's Summit, MO

For our Summit Flight Academy students, this partnership enables us to provide simulator instruction at the STA facility, a few blocks from our offices at the Lee's Summit Airport. Three state of the art RedBird simulators are now available, including a full motion MCX and two SD static AATD approved simulators.

Next year the aerospace program at STA will move to the Lee's Summit Airport, enabling Summit Flight Academy to have even greater collaboration with STA students and even easier access to STA simulators. Contact your instructor today to learn more on how to get started in a sim!

Bad weather got you down? Your instructor can bring you into the simulator to log hours that count towards your certificate or rating.

Need a different learning environment to learn that complex instrument procedure? No problem, schedule time in a simulator.

Want to get instrument current? Spend some time in a sim, then hit the skies.


Press Release

Following the LSR7 School Board’s approval back on November 1, two Lee’s Summit organizations are working together to address the soaring demand for future professional pilots as the aviation industry sees record retirements and growth. Summit Flight Academy and Lee’s Summit R-7 School District’s Summit Technology Academy have partnered to train and support LSR7 students and facilities and make joint use of their resources.

Through the Summit Technology Academy (STA) Aerospace Academy, students have the opportunity to explore the aviation industry hands on, earn dual college credit towards an aviation degree at the University of Central Missouri, complete private pilot ground school, engage in hands on learning at the Lee’s Summit Municipal airport, and earn a commercial remote (drone) pilot certificate. Through this immersive program, students graduate prepared to get started towards a rewarding career in the aviation industry.

To support students through this partnership members of the STA’s aerospace facility will be able complete additional pilot ratings and certificates at Summit Flight Academy, enabling STA to advance the curriculum and opportunities available to students enrolled in the aerospace academy.

STA students will be able to complete their private pilot ground school at STA and advance on to earn their initial private pilot certificate at Summit Flight Academy. This approach opens doors for students to more quickly advance their aviation credentials at a university level or by completing all their flight training locally at Summit Flight Academy.

Recognizing the need for students to learn from experienced instructors, another facet of this partnership will bring Summit Flight Academy instructors into the learning environment at STA to assist with training students in the academy’s state of the art Redbird flight simulators and offering career coaching and mentoring to help students explore related aviation careers.

Thoughts from the organizations

“We are excited to be partnering with the Lee’s Summit R7 School District,” said Summit Flight Academy managing partner Jeremy Davis. “Through STA’s Aerospace Academy and Summit Flight Academy’s partnership, students will have the opportunity to find their place in the field of aviation and get their career off to a faster start. Students choosing to become professional pilots understand the commitment of time and resources to achieve that goal and we look forward to innovating with Summit Technology Academy to make that dream achievable for as many students as possible.”

Summit Technology Academy’s Principal and Director, Dr. Jeremy Bonnesen expressed excitement adding Summit Flight Academy to the list of partners investing in students. “We believe partnerships like these build a stronger community and provide the opportunity to make our region attractive for families and high-tech employers to grow,” said Bonnesen.

Learn More

We invite you to take a look at this brief video produced by Summit Technology Academy regarding the aerospace program at STA.

Industry leaders, families and students interested in learning more about the LSR7 Aerospace program or Summit Technology Academy can learn more at,

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