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Private + Instrument Package

We call this the "Cross Country Pilot Package".  Pilots looking to fly longer distances will benefit from the flexibility that earning an instrument rating on top of a private pilot certificate offers.  To facilitate this, we offer a combined private and instrument package that with the option to complete your training in 7 or 10 months.  

The Private - Instrument  Package Approach

Check out our private and instrument training pages for details on the overall training program.  The overall requirements and objectives do not change.

For this program we offer you special savings for continuing on with your instrument training right after your private training is completed.  Like career track programs, staying in the training environment offers you the opportunity to be most efficient with your training program.  We offer you two speeds at which to complete this program.

When possible we strive to pair you with an instrument instructor who will partner with you for your private and instrument training.   

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Private - Instrument Training Package

Earning your private and instrument rating at Summit Flight Academy affords you options on pace and type of aircraft to train in, based on your budget, schedule and preferences.  

Simulator time, ground instruction, flight instruction and checkride prep are included in all packages.


What's included in our Instrument programs:


Simulator instruction (Instrument)

Aircraft flight time

Instructor Services, including checkride prep

Online ground school courses

Electronic chart subscription


What's not included?  

 Third party fees: 

Your'll pay directly for your knowledge test ($175), and checkride fee ($850).

Pilot supplies:  

We include basic pilot supplies such as a headset, pilot bag, logbook, oral exam guide and a few other items.  To help keep costs in check, we will guide you deciding upon optional expenses, including a noise cancelling headset and tablet for using electronic flight bag software.


7 Month Program

Our seven month private - instrument pilot training package is available in one of our instrument equipped Pipers.


Installment plan:

$4500 Enrollment fee (due at scheduling)

$3,600/month (Piper)


Pre-paid plan:

$25,500 (Piper)

(paid at enrollment, $500 savings)

10 Month Program

Our ten month private-instrument training package provides a few additional hours to accommodate the longer training plan.


Installment plan:

$4500 Enrollment fee (due at scheduling)

$2,500/month (Piper)


Pre-paid plan:

$26,500 (Piper)

(paid at enrollment, $500 savings)

Package FAQs

Why packages?

We offer our best pricing with these packages because it allows us to manage our aircraft and instructor workloads more predictably and efficiently.  They also offer you the best structure for finishing what you started.  Additionally, many financing options require packaging to structure a loan for students needing that option.

How often will I fly with these packages?  

Our seven month program has you scheduled for 2-3 lessons per week (15-16 aircraft or simulator hours per month).  Our ten month has program is designed for 2 lessons per week over nine months (9-11 aircraft or simulator hours per month).

What happens if I don't use all my flight hours?

We will gladly roll those hours into another package or you may use them for rental purposes within 90 days of your checkride.

What happens if I exceed my allocated flight hours?

We really strive for this not to happen by providing average flight hours that are needed for the program length you select. However, in the event this happens we will provide you additional aircraft and/or instructor hour at an agreed upon discounted rate. 

What happens if I need to quit or defer my training?

Life happens, we get it.  If you need to defer your training you may pause payments and elect a future restart date.  If you have paid off your program, but have not completed it, your program remains valid for one year after the initial program end date. Upon restart, you may receive a new instructor and experience the need to fly additional hours to complete your certificate, but we will provide all hours originally paid for by your package.

If you need to withdrawal from your program, you will lose access to the preferred package pricing. We will bill you current retail pricing, plus a 5% administrative fee for all instructor services and flight time flown. Insurance, ground school, and Foreflight fees are, unfortunately, non-refundable. Any remaining money on account will be refunded within 7 days of written notice of withdrawal.  If your account is in deficit, we will need the balance paid off at time of cancellation. 


Piper Archer II

Are you ready or have more questions?

Call, come by our school or click the button below to start the enrollment process or speak to a member of our team for more information!

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