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Summit Flight Academy offers financing options through partnerships with Stratus Financial, Flight Training Financing LLC, and AOPA Flight Training Financing. These financing options make flight training affordable whether you're pursuing a pilot career or a personal goal. Our team guides you to the best financing choice for your training and budget needs. Don't let costs hold you back - invest in your aviation goals through our financing partners. Apply online to get started or contact us for further inquiries.

Finance with Stratus Financial

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Stratus Financial was founded by FAA Certificated Flight and Ground Instructors passionate about helping others achieve their aviation dreams.

Student Requirements

  • Must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident*
  • Paystubs for the past two (2) months
  • Bank Statements for the past two (2) months
  • Driver's License
  • Name & contact number of employer (for employee verification)
  • 1st or 2nd class Medical Certificate
  • Co-borrower Recommended
  • Pilot Certificate, if applicable
  • Subject to Credit Check and Underwriting

*If non-US citizen, TSA verification is required.

Loan Process

  1. Application
  2. Processing
  3. Underwriting
  4. Approval
  5. Funding
  6. Pilot Training

Stratus Financial

Frequently asked questions


What funding is available from Stratus Financing?

Stratus offers everything from full career track financing to financing for your next certificate or rating. Packages can include everything you need from supplies, checkride fees, etc.


Are rates variable or fixed?

Stratus offers a variety of financing options to meet your needs. When conditionally approved, you'll be offered multiple options.


Is deferred payment available? When does repayment begin?

One of the best benefits of Stratus Financing is the ability to defer payments while in training, if desired. Stratus also offers the ability to pay interest only while building your time to ATP minimums.


Do I need a co-signer?

Possibly. If you don't have assets to cover your loan and/or employment to cover the payments, often a co-signer will make it possible for Stratus to approve a loan for you. Once you apply, Stratus will review your application and advise of the need for a co-signer.


What are the repayment terms?

Stratus offers a variety of repayment terms. They will be offered to you upon conditional approval.Options include various repayment schedules, fixed or variable rates, etc.


How does my training get funded?

Stratus works directly with partner flight schools to provide funding directly into your training account. Flight schools agree to return unused funds in order to minimize your debt obligation.

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