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Jeremy Davis

Jeremy Davis

Founder, Managing Partner, CFI, CFII

Jeremy is a CFI-I, co-founder of Summit Flight Academy and its managing partner. Jeremy is a single and multi-engine commercial pilot who teaches private, commercial and instrument students. Jeremy's love for general aviation has taken him and his family from coast to coast and even to the Bahamas in their Cessna 182. His flying dreams are to go on a literal cross-country African safari and sightsee Alaska by air.

Outside of Summit, Jeremy is an amateur vintner (winemaker) and loves spending time with his wife Heidi raising their two girls. Jeremy graduated from William Jewell College, and prior to founding Summit Flight Academy, was an executive with a large health IT company.

Jeremy's favorite part of flight instructing is seeing the smile on a student's face when they finally have that breakthrough moment mastering what they thought was impossible.

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